Chicago Rendering & Construction Update!


We are very excited to share the final rendering of our Rayito do Sol Chicago location! 

Construction for the center is coming along well, as are all other related processes. 

Our Chicago partners and related businesses have been fantastic to work with and the support we have received has been tremendous. 

We are so thankful to be welcomed into a beautiful community that we look forward to being a part of and serving! 

OPEN HOUSES: We will begin having our open houses and invite all interested community members and families in to see our facility as soon as we have required permits in place and appropriate licensing processes have been completed. We will keep you posted! 

We look forward to meeting our new families soon!

Playing and Learning with Blocks - Rayito de Sol’s Specialty Learning Areas

Most of us can recall a memory in our childhood where we built something out of blocks.  At that moment, we were under the impression we were just having a fantastic time with our imagination and our playmates, as we fancied on about our various structures and the unfolding adventures that became a part of that playtime.

What we have discovered over time, is that Block Play offers much more than just a fun time building something.  

Block Play has been said to provide learning initiatives that inspire:

  • Problem Solving

  • Self-Expression

  • Creativity

  • Math

  • Spatial Abilities

  • Social Skills

  • Motor Skills

These learning experiences are the motivation behind why we have a specialty play area at our Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Centers that offers the opportunity for the children to focus on all the benefits that Block Play has to offer.  

We can’t wait to show you all the other rooms and specialty learning areas our Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center’s premier facility will have!  

We will be bringing a one-of-a-kind Spanish Language NAEYC Accredited Learning Experience to the Chicago area and surrounding communities soon!  

A Typical Day At Rayito de Sol

Rayito de Sol's Licensed and NAEYC Accredited Program, Safety Standards, and PreciousStatus Technology together with the integration of STEAM curriculum in our daily activities are just a few things that support the foundation of a great Learning Center. Below is what a typical day looks like at a Rayito de Sol Center!

6:30 AM // Meet and Greets:

You will receive a warm welcome from the staff as your child is off to join their friends. 

8:15 AM // Morning Snack:

Your child will enjoy a healthy light snack before starting an exciting day of exploring and learning. 

9:00 AM // Morning Meeting:

We gather as a class for a fun and structured meeting. In class we discuss the weather, the day of the week, the month of the year as your child greets their friends and we begin the day.

9:45 AM // Outside Play / Gross Motor Activities:

Twice a day we will run, climb, and play. If it is too cold outside, we will do our large muscle activities in our multi use room!

10:30 AM // Learning Centers:

Each station is enhanced with activities to reinforce the weekly theme and focus. Your child may be easel painting at the art station and will then move on to the math and manipulative station. 

11:10 AM // Lunch: 

Served family style with their class, allowing teachers to initiate discussions about table manners.

12:45 PM // Story Time:

Children listen to fables and stories while teachers use puppets to involve children in the dialogue. 

1:00 PM // Quiet Time:

Now is time to rest with soft lullabies in Spanish or with classic music, spotlighting our favorite composer.

3:00 PM // Afternoon Snack:

Your child will receive a nutritious snack and get ready for the afternoon adventures!  

3:15 PM // Afternoon Meeting:

Class will enjoy a meeting discussing what did we learned today and the La hora loca can come up at any time!

4:00 PM // Outside Play:

Outside fun with friends and use of our muscles again!

5:15 PM // Saying Goodbye:

Time to say goodbye and ask your child about their big day!

Why Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion Is Important

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 9.59.51 AM.png

Parents – did you know that Spanish is the primary language of 20 countries worldwide? It is estimated that the combined number of Spanish speakers is almost 500 million, making it the second most widely spoken language (in terms of native speakers) in the world! Spanish is also the third most spoken language by total number of speakers after Mandarin and English!

Attending Rayito de Sol’s Spanish Immersion program provides an educational foundation that focuses on Spanish language immersion and will offer you child with the following advantages over their peers:

  • The ability to speak more than one language that is in the top three languages spoken in the world.

  • The cognitive skills early on that will be beneficial throughout their entire educational experiences; and their careers later in life.

  • Incorporates an early appreciation and respect for others by introducing a deeper understanding of Latin cultures through the immersion process.

Rayito de Sol’s premier childcare facilities integrate exceptional care and education that focuses on diversity, inclusion, and Spanish language immersion. Our centers will fill quickly and enrollment will be on a first-come opportunity basis!