The Benefits of Summer Swim Camp

Rayito de Sol offers Summer Camp for Infants through Kinder-prep and School age, during the summer months in June, July, and August.

Your child will attend our camp Monday through Friday from 6:30am – 5:30pm. Each month we will focus on a specific Latin culture not covered during our regular months, in an effort to continue to expand your child’s knowledge and understanding.

Benefits of Summer Camp

In-Depth Latin Immersion


It is important to focus on new Latin cultures to continue your child’s education and immersion into Latin studies. The three Latin cultures that we will focus on are, the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs. We will focus on learning more about these Latin cultures through art projects, dancing, music, folklore, and other fun surprise projects and activities.

Structured Learning

Let’s break the routine! Whether your child currently attends our learning center or if you’re looking for something new for the summer, your child will have a huge advantage attending our Summer Camp in a structured learning environment. We have activities and learning experiences different from the ones they do the during the school year and this helps them to challenge routines through learning at Rayito de Sol. Every day is planned to keep your child interested and engaged, giving priority to the three largest cultures of our American continent.

Prevent the “Summer Slide”

Summer is a time to have fun! We want to make sure your child is continuing to learn and practice the many skills they may learned from the previous year as well as prepare them for the upcoming year. By enrolling your child in our Summer Camp they never have to take a break from immersive learning! Your child will have the following opportunities:

1. Access: Access by which children are given the opportunity to experience cultural and artistic life and to acquire knowledge about a wide spectrum of different forms of expression.

2. Participation: Participation requires that children be offered concrete opportunities, individually or collectively, to express themselves freely, communicate, act and participate in creative activities, with a view to achieving the full development of their personalities.

3. Contribution: The contribution to cultural life including spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional expressions of culture and the arts, thus promoting the development and transformation of society.

In our summer camp, children will learn to be more tolerant and to coexist with people who are not from their environment. They will make new friends, share rooms, games, activities and participate in making some decisions. Your child will have the opportunity to learn to live in cooperation, socialize and integrate, improve communication, express oneself, to develop spiritually and personally, experience freedom and to create and participate.


Other Activities We Will Have Along the Way!

Monday’s are special dress up days. Children can choose to dress in the color of the day - like Rosado (Pink) or to be comfortable and wear pajamas! We will be learning more through themed art projects and classroom activities. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor activities (weather permitting) for your child to enjoy and be a part of every day. Being active is important to include in your child’s daily routine! Not only do they learn the importance of exercise, they build stronger friendships and release their energy along the way. We have indoor and outdoor activities such as, sprinkler day, bike day, yoga, zumba and plenty of fun surprise activities! We also incoroporate dance! Dancing is a very powerful instrument to develop cultural pride and respect for different cultures. In the same way, when they learn traditional dances from other cultures, children learn to respect those cultures and expand their knowledge about the world.

Our Summer Show

At the end of Summer Camp we want your child to have the opportunity to show off what they have learned for their family and friends. Our Summer show is held the Saturday before the last week and showcases the songs, dances and folklore we have learned all summer long. Would you like to learn more? Schedule a Tour today!

Appreciating Diversity


Although children are not born with prejudice, by early childhood they have already acquired stereotypes or negative attitudes toward those that they perceive as “others.” An article in The Buffalo News reports that about 85 percent of the brain develops between ages 3 and 5, and that impressions and ideas formed between ages 2 and 4 are lasting (Lessons in Respect, 2003). Researchers tracking the development of racial attitudes in children found that almost half of the 200 children they studied had racial biases by age six (Parents Magazine, 2001).

This study illustrates that the foundations for hatred are formed at a very early age and that diversity and anti-bias training are critical when children are young. Children can distinguish different skin colors, hair textures, and facial features from as early as six months of age. At this age, they begin to understand they are a separate person and begin to see the differences and separateness of others. As children develop from infants to toddlers, around eighteen months of age, they begin to recognize their own features and if given a choice, will often choose the doll of their own color (Stern-LaRosa; Hofheimer Bettmann, 2000, 18–19).


In early childhood settings, name-calling and acts of social exclusion are the most common examples of discriminatory behavior and prejudicial thinking. Predispositions acquired at early developmental levels can often lay the foundation for these manifestations of prejudice, which left unexamined, have the potential to escalate into violent acts of hate as children grow older (Derman-Sparks, 1989; Katz, 1982).

At Rayito de Sol, we embrace diversity. We incorporate diversity into our curriculum to expose children to different cultures and walks of life at an early age!

What Sets Rayito de Sol apart from the rest?

Rayito de Sol is a unique learning environment that integrates childcare and education in a language immersion environment. From day one, your child is warmly welcomed into the care of our teachers.

“She loves going to school every day, and the teachers are clearly genuinely invested in the well-being and development of each child in their care.”

We provide learning experiences through discovery, exploration, and hands-on activities that are fun and memorable. We encourage the fusion of play and learning in our classrooms for a stimulating and proactive environment for your child.


We provide an environment that encourages respect and appreciation for cultural diversity and inclusion. Incorporating the Spanish language immersion through cultural awareness where children learn and perform folklore, music, and dancing from the 21 countries that speak Spanish as a official language in the world.

“My kids are now prepared with language skills that will provide opportunities throughout their lifetime and they are exposed to Latino culture.”

We strive to form and maintain a cooperative partnership with families in order to work together to meet each child’s specific educational, social, and emotional needs. We want your family to feel as it is a part of our family.

“We love the teachers. They are passionate, loving, intelligent, gentle, and care deeply about their kids. Every month they explore different values, like respect, compassion etc.”

“I am a firm believer, not only in education and development, but in family, culture, relationships, and supporting individuals throughout their life’s journey…” - Luisa Fuentes

“My daughter attended preschool there as well and is now finishing Kindergarten in a Chinese Immersion School where she has thrived. Rayito taught her to love learning about languages and cultures. She has wholeheartedly embraced bilingual education...”


Rayito de Sol believes a child care environment should be rich in opportunities and cultural diversity for cognitive development and an appreciation for the world as a whole. Schedule a tour and meet our teachers!

Bilingual Education & Rayito de Sol

The Rayito de Sol program is designed to stimulate educational development for children as young as six weeks old up to Kindergarten. Our curriculum will engage your child as they learn and discover through all-day activities such as science, math, art, music and more in a Spanish Immersion format!


Each Rayito de Sol center is a full Spanish immersion preschool. All instructions and activities are conducted entirely in Spanish. This benefits the child as they quickly become comfortable with the immersion method of learning and absorb the Spanish language at a much quicker rate than if learning by hearing two languages concurrently.

“Young children being raised bilingual have to follow social cues to figure out which language to use with which person and in what setting. As a result, says Sorace, bilingual children as young as age 3 have demonstrated a head start on tests of perspective-taking and theory of mind — both of which are fundamental social and emotional skills.


In studies covering six states and 37 districts, they have found that, compared with students in English-only classrooms or in one-way immersion, dual-language students have somewhat higher test scores and also seem to be happier in school. Attendance is better, behavioral problems fewer, parent involvement higher.” Anya Kamenetz of NPR

Our children will add new words to their vocabulary on a daily basis. These are learned through a structured curriculum and activities. We give them the tools to explore their own creativity through activities as they sing songs, role-play, and enjoy games. Visual aids help further the learning process. Our curriculum and evaluation have been carefully developed, and our excellent team of native speaking, qualified teachers are highly trained on an engaging environment.

Schedule your Rayito de Sol tour today!


WE DID IT!!!!!!
Rayito de Sol have earn the four stars... Parent Aware HIGHEST POSSIBLE RATING TOOL Selecting High Quality child Care and Early Education IN OUR BOTH LOCATIONS

What is Parent Aware Rating Tool?
The Parent Aware Rating Tool In Parent Aware, programs seeking a full rating must meet all of the indicators at the first star level (or block) in order to earn a 1-star rating. To reach Two Stars, programs must also meet all of the indicators at the Two Star level (or block). Programs must meet all indicators at the One and Two Star levels before their application is considered for a Three or Four Star rating. To earn Three or Four stars, programs must earn points on additional indicators and meet specific requirements.
The number of points earned determines whether a program achieves Three or Four Stars.
Parent Aware indicators are grouped into four categories:
1. Physical health and well-being
2. Teaching and relationships
3. Assessment of child progress
4. Teacher training and education
The quality indicators in these categories are nearly identical for family child care programs and center-based programs. Major differences in indicators across the two program types are noted
below in the teaching and relationships category and the teacher training and education category.

Connecting Students through culture

Connecting students and activating background knowledge are both important components of teaching students of Latin American origin and American children as well. One way Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center connect with students is by understanding the cultural knowledge we bring with them into our classroom, including the stories, proverbs, and legends they’ve learned. Many of these stories may be different from the stories we learned as a child, or the tales that American children hear today. By learning a little about the folklore of Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, etc children will better understand our culture and they will know more about our background knowledge.
For instance, Latinos, we have a strong oral tradition, in which knowledge is passed down through generations via storytelling and the use of proverbs. Oral culture is shared during work and leisure time, both inside and outside the home. Often, it imparts a lesson or tradition from the older generation to the younger. For example, older relatives may convey information to young family members about roles within the family, concepts of masculinity and femininity, and values and expectations, all through sharing stories and proverbs that have a moral or central message of their culture on a daily basis, including Mexican folklore.
Using Latin American folklore as we teach can also help us to tie our instruction to latino students background knowledge. Many of our American students will share a body of cultural knowledge in which we may also be well-versed. For example, most American-born children know the stories of the Three Bears, Sleeping Beauty, and Hansel and Gretel, but Mexican-born students may not share that knowledge. By learning the stories that our students do know, we can incorporate that knowledge into our lessons and avoid frequent use of stories and proverbs that as a Latinos may not be familiar with. Of course, using American and European folklore in the classroom is also important, teachers are aware that they may need to scaffold that knowledge for students who don’t have a Latin American cultural background.
At Rayito de Sol sharing our folklore is important for students who aren’t of Latino background; it increases knowledge and appreciation of other cultures. Students will love hearing the vibrant and new stories gathered from Latin American folklore, and will better understand our cultural knowledge. By presenting Latin American Folklore in Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion classroom, we are signaling to all students that it’s a valuable subject to learn about, as we expanding the background knowledge of Latin American culture.



We cordially invite all Rayito de Sol Family and Friends to our Annual Grandparents Day Celebration Show!

This show is a time for all of us to celebrate and honor RDS Grandparents who contribute so much to our lives in so many ways! Grandparents are important role models in our lives who have wisdom to share, values and beliefs to pass on, skills to teach, and family traditions and culture to help carry on through each generation of the family they are able to reach! 
Celebration Date: Saturday 11/14/2015

Time: Children should arrive at 9:30 am to prepare for show time!
SHOW STARTS AT 10:00 am and will run until around 11:30 am!

Location: Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC) Campus
The Whitney Fine Arts Center - Theater is Room F 1200
Main entrance/lobby is located at 1424 Yale Place, Minneapolis, MN.

Why Grandparents are important on a child's life?

Grandparents are important for our children…. For all of us…
They are role models and examples to the grandchildren of lives lived with purpose, goodness and hope. 
Teaching values and culture, effective grandparents have great power to change lives. They have wisdom to pass on, values and beliefs to share, skills to teach and a culture to honor because of their experience and link to the past.
Every year we celebrate grandparents at Rayito de Sol.... is an special day that we honor them and give them our love and appreciation... is their special day!!!

Fine Motor Skills at Rayito de Sol

Fine motor skills activities for children at Rayito de Sol  are the best way to ensure proper development and practice of fine motor skills to promote the most functional use of a child's hands.

Normal development demands that children are able to accurately and effectively use the small muscles (intrinsic muscles) in their hands. These intrinsic muscles will be used for the rest of their lives and foressential functional activities.

Childhood is the critical time to properly develop these muscles.

At Rayito de Sol we use so many ways to strengthen this muscles, practice coordination as develop hand eye coordination using everyday materials and fun creativity, we explore playing with dough, adding combinations of materials to it and automatic strengthens little hands as the roll, squeeze twist and build with it. 

Other activities we love to do to develop fine motors skills on our children  is to exploring sensory materials, transporting small parts, threading beads, hand on art projects, cutting and sticking, tearing and scrunching papers, pasta necklace, weaving around cardboards, finger prints etc.


Developing Math skills at Kindergarten Prep at Rayito de Sol

At Rayito de Sol children have typically started to develop cognitive reasoning skills that make them want to learn and explore more about the world around them. Their keen sense of wonder and desire to learn new information is the perfect time to introduce one of the most important building blocks in our culture: math skills.

Research shows that preschool programs should introduce math skills to children in order to cultivate and develop their cognitive reasoning skills for the purpose of success later in life. For this reason, Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion early learning Center emphases math skills through daily activities and creative learning. Our Kindergarten prep students are able to learn about math through hands on activities and fun games, so they play while they learn....