Kindergarten Prep Spanish Immersion Early Learning Program

Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center’s Kindergarten Preparatory Program is designed for the pre-kinder child as a program that will work to enhance the development of skills in core essential pre-academic areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

In addition to those core essentialsRayito de Sol’s Kindergarten Preparatory Program excels above all other programs because our curriculum has key components and learning modules that we have carefully constructed to incorporate the additional areas of:

  • Language Acquisition

  • Artistic Development

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Social Skills

Combining the essentials of scholastic learning with an added focus on language, art, and social skills development that prioritizes the elements of high self-esteem, cultural acceptance, relationship building and broader vision learning that will help your child excel in our ever expanding globalized society is what sets our program apart. 

Children in our programs receive tutelage on a daily basis in a structured Spanish Immersion format.  Graduates of the RDS’ Kindergarten Preparatory Program are shown to receive higher than average scores on their Kindergarten entrances tests, readiness assessments and a variety of other early childhood measurement and analysis tools.

Ages: 48 months and up
Child-teacher ratio: 1:9
Year-round program


Downtown Minneapolis
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday from 6:30AM to 5:30PM

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday from 6:30AM to 5:30PM


Opening Soon In Chicago